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No bikes, no moolah, say Feds

Bikes will have to be considered in all major infrastructure projects that are seeking Commonwealth funding, the Federal Government has proposed.

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Why do cyclists infringe at red lights?

An investigation of Australian cyclists’ reasons for red light infringement In response so another straw poll, encouraging the motorist v cyclist debate, a recent study was undertaken to actually understand why cyclists infringe at red lights. BicycleNT supports ALL road users obeying the rules, cyclists and motorists. Follow the link for the published results of […]

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Warruwi school wins award

The remote Warruwi School on Goulburn Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria has won a national award for its cycling program. Along with encouraging physical activity, the program has also contributed to an increase in enrolments and increase in attendance over the past five years.

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Friday 22 March is national ride2school day

An active school is a healthy school Friday 22 March 2013 marks the seventh National Ride2School Day, 140,000 Australian students are expected to ride, walk, scoot or skate to school, many for the first time. Ride2School Day is about making active travel a normal part of the school day.  There are many benefits to participating, […]

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