History, goals and constitution

The establishment of the Top End Bicycle Users group (TEBUG) was the first organised effort to voice the concerns of recreational and commuter cyclists in the NT. TEBUG operated under the auspices of Darwin City Council and concentrated on issues faced by cyclists in the Darwin region.

The group attracted many concerned cyclists and met a number of times. However, despite interest and enthusiasm, it failed to establish a strategic direction and progressively lost momentum, with the last meeting held sometime in 2002.

In light of this, a few Darwin-based community members and keen cyclists got together to work toward a structured approach to the promotion of safe and accessible cycling for all.

After many a meeting on various verandas, followed by numerous email exchanges, an association was formed and incorporated in August 2006 under the name of Bicycle NT. Public interest was such that despite limited advertisement, 150 members had joined bicycle NT by the time it held its first Special General Meeting in October 2006.

BicycleNT’s goals are to

  1. promote cycling as a healthy and environmentally-friendly means of transport.
  2. advocate for the rights, safety and convenience of (commuter and recreational) cyclists.
  3. provide a means of communication between (commuter and recreational) cyclists and relevant agencies with a stake in cycling.
  4. contribute to the planning, development and maintenance of a safe, integrated and inviting bicycle network throughout the NT.
  5. achieve benefit to the environment via the above.

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