Current Focus

Current focus

Advocacy for

  • the development of a Darwin City Council (DCC) Cycling Strategy
  • completion of the off rd path from RDH to Makryllos Circuit
  • fitting of lights along the path between the Rapid Creek bridge and Brinkin, in the Casuarina Coastal Reserve
  • provision of a safe cycle lane/path along Lee Point Rd
  • the introduction of bike racks on some bus lines (eg Darwin to Palmerston)
  • street lighs to remain on till later
  • container deposit legislation
  • a better road culture where all road users share the road harmoniously and safely.


  • we are preparing some basic bicycle maintenance workshops, which will be advertised on this site (see calendar). Let us know if you have technical skills in this area and a bit of spare time to help with the workshops.


  • ¬†we are developing promotional materials. We will have a stall at the World Environment Day fair, the Rapid Creek Revival festival and more. Come along to these events and meet the team.


  • we are looking for new and on-going sources of funding. Do you know of any?