Bicycle NT and Bicycle Network join forces

Bicycle NT is joining forces with Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation, Bicycle Network, in a move to further strengthen bike advocacy in the territory and advance bike riding nationally.

With Bicycle Network boasting more than 52,000 members, the merger between the two organisations will see Bicycle NT transform into Bicycle Network NT, strengthening its position locally while expanding Bicycle Network’s national reach and influence.

Bicycle Network CEO, Craig Richards, said the decision to merge was logical, with both organisations sharing a strong friendship as well as a vision to build a nation of bike riders.

“The merger is a really exciting time for both Bicycle Network and Bicycle NT as it opens up so many possibilities and further strengthens the voice of people who ride bikes,” Mr Richards said.

Mr Richards added that the newly formed Bicycle Network NT will provide a great platform to improve conditions for people who ride bikes in the NT, opening the territory up to stronger advocacy and the expansion of national behaviour change programs.

“NT boasts one of the highest cycling participation rates in the country, but there’s still plenty more that can be done to improve infrastructure and rider safety so that even more people can get active through bike riding.”

“We can’t wait to share our knowledge with the NT, expanding our successful behaviour change programs like Ride2School and most importantly, learn what has and hasn’t worked from the local bike riding community.”

Bicycle NT’s Clive Pesavento said that the organisation welcomes the expertise and resources that Bicycle Network will bring to the Territory.

“The merger will permit existing programs to be expanded and new programs initiated, which will benefit Territorians. It will also enable the new branch to be more proactive and respond to issues more effectively,” Mr Pesavento said.

Pedals NT Executive Officer Jason Bremmer also welcomed the merger while taking the time to thank Bicycle NT for their tireless work advocating for the Territory’s bike riders.

“Pedals NT welcomes Bicycle Network to the Northern Territory, strengthening advocacy for all Northern Territory cyclists,” Mr Bremmer said.

“The new ‘Bicycle Network NT’ will build on the work done by Bicycle NT and provide a strong voice for cyclists across the NT. Pedals NT is excited by the increased support this change will bring to the Territory cycling alliance and looks forward to working closely with Bicycle Network NT.”

Under the merger agreement, Bicycle NT will become Bicycle Network NT where Bicycle NT’s board will become a State Committee and will continue to monitor operations and local projects in the NT. Bicycle Network NT will also employ a staff member to be a key liaison with the committee.

Mr Richards said that with offices in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and now NT, Bicycle Network is strengthening its already strong representation of riders across Australia.

“This merger will definitely help us in our mission to improve the health of all Australians by getting even more people of all ages out on their bikes and active,” Mr Richards added.

“With bike riding more popular than ever, we’re well on our way to building a nation of bike riders.”


Supported by more than 52,000 members nationally, Bicycle Network is Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation. Through membership, advocacy, behaviour change programs and events, Bicycle Network strives to solve Australia’s physical inactivity crisis by making it easier for everyone to ride a bike. To find out more visit

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