Bicycle NT joins the Pedal Alliance

NT cycling organisations have formed a new alliance to promote greater collaboration within the cycling community. The Alliance is between sporting bodies
NT BMXA, Cycling NT and Darwin Off Road Cyclists, and  Bicycle NT. The Alliance is based around models currently being used in the WA and ACT cycling communities.


The purpose of the alliance is to “deliver a coordinated and effective provision of quality services to the Northern Territory cycling community”. The alliance is an entity designed to manage services to the cycling community and promote opportunities in the spirit of coordination and integration, with the following key objectives:

• Share intelligence and resources for the benefit of the cycling community
• Provide advocacy and lobbying for all aspects of cycling in the NT
• Promote communication between the alliance members and the broader cycling
• Promote ongoing education and professional development for members and the
broader cycling community
• Provide financially sustainable options to ensure business continuity

The alliance will provide efficiencies and save costs, whilst increasing the benefits to the community around the sport, recreational and commuter aspects of cycling. The collaboration is designed to centralise some of the common time consuming tasks of the cycling groups such as administration, advocacy, education, communication and events. Making the alliance responsible for those tasks, frees up the cycling groups and allows them more time to deliver on their sports and activities.

The Northern Territory Government had made up to $525,000 available over three years to establish the Alliance. This funding includes the current Peak Sporting Body (PSB) funding provided to CNT and NT BMXA. Funding to the PSB’s will continue to be made available through the Alliance to ensure the sports can continue to operate effectively and support their members. The Alliance will look to develop further revenue streams through activities and events to develop the cycling community in the NT.

The alliance will be overseen by a joint management committee made up of representatives from each of the four groups, with an independent chair, operating under a Memorandum of Understanding and working to an agreed strategic plan. An executive officer reporting to the management committee will manage the alliance ensuring joint services are delivered to the cycling community. The Alliance Management Committee is in the process of seeking expressions of interest for the independent chair and executive officer, as well as developing a strategic plan, agreeing on the operating structure and governance model and developing a budget. The Alliance is expected to be operating early in the new year.

The expressions of interest for the independent chair and executive officer can be found at

Further information will be made available online and to all members in the New Year. For any queries, contact Mr Paul Mead, the consultant engaged to assist with the establishment of the Alliance, on 0432 469 500 or

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  1. pcoulton
    Posted June 2, 2015 at 08:01 | Permalink

    I am interested in finding out more about the Peddle Alliance. I note in the article that further information will be available on the website in the New Year but I cannot find any additional info.
    Has the Alliance been formed?
    Does it have a separate web site?


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