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    Has anyone else noticed the acrid smell as you pass the rear of ToxFree facility in Mander Rd Pinelands? It’s just near a drain about 1.5km past the McMillans Rd intersection (outbound). I’ve been riding to work along here a few times a week since December and on each occasion (except once the wind was easterly) have smelt an oily odour and a few times a stronger chemical odour.

    They have a planning permit for this since late 2012 but the zoning says the land use shouldn’t impact the amenity of surrounding land – quite unusual to put this type of industry next to an excercise area!

    Anyway you can make complaints to ToxFree on 1300 869 373 as they have a register for their licence. I would be interested to know if anyone else has noticed this as previous weekend trips along here before it was approved i never noticed it.




    It may be some sewage outlet type smell, if it is only happening during the hotter months with the fresh rain and heat rising from the outlets can cause this time of bad odour,  I have smelt it myself. See what happens in the next coming months if the smell is still around. I havent been around there for some time. I was also wondering if you are allowed to ride these types of electric bikes on this track, would you be able to use high powered bikes, or only the street legal types? Because im looking at getting this Reef Predator model for the offroad tracks.



    Yes I have noticed it when I rode to work at Parks and Wildlife at the Goyder Building. It is methane and comes from anerodic decomposition of decaying food scraps and rubbish from Hannons industrial bins. Cheers WallabyBill

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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